Cold Calling – another top tip

Posted by on Jun 8, 2015

I expect we have all been cold called by someone who didn’t worry too much about getting our name right before launching into their prepared speil. What sort of impression are we left with? Is that inattention to such an important detail an indication of how good any after sales service will be? For me the starting point of effective cold calling is all about being organised and making use of a carefully managed database. I believe in keeping great records and before every call I have a read through which not only refreshes the mind but also gives a focus to the call. Is it a call to keep...

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Cold Calling – some more top tips

Posted by on May 8, 2015

As mentioned in a previous blog doing the research is a key element to our success with cold calling. I probably spend as much time researching as I do calling. When I started out, research meant hours spent in the library consulting business directories such as Kelly’s, but the internet has changed all that. So what is your strategy? What sort of organisations do you want to do business with? What scope is there for repeat business? I would suggest developing a couple of different strategies, – perhaps a medium term for SMO ‘s and a longer term for the larger organisations? When...

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Away Days for GP surgeries

Posted by on Apr 8, 2015

A couple of months ago we were contacted by a freelance journalist, Alison Moore who had been commissioned by the magazine Management in Practice to write an article about the value of away days for GP surgeries. She was a lovely lady, easy to talk to and it was a pleasure sharing my knowledge with her. The article Pulling Together” was published in issue number 39 (Winter 2014/2015) and here are some of the things I said and that of Sarah Day, a Practice Manager in Chesham. “A social gathering can be great for people to get to know each other but probably won’t resolve specific issues...

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Red Nose Day

Posted by on Mar 17, 2015

As most will know last Friday 13th March was Comic Relief Red Nose Day. Sainsburys make a huge commitment to supporting the day and Pushpa Kasinather from 1st Choice Speakers contacted us to see if we would be interested in doing our bit for Red Nose Day in partnership with a local Sainsbury’s store in Chesham. The plan was to have area immediately outside the store and in the morning someone else would raise money by demonstrating Zumba and in the afternoon for a donation of £1 to Comic Relief we would teach some basic circus skills, to those who wanted to have a go. Of course we...

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Review of 2014 and the value of writing blogs

Posted by on Feb 4, 2015

2014 was a year of downs and ups! In January my mother, aged 94, passed away peaceably in circumstances just as she would have liked. I am very proud that, as well as managing Mum’s affairs, probate, executor of her will, house clearing and sale of the house I was still able to make over 1000 phone calls to business’s and send over 500 personally written emails throughout the year. (Yes I really do log this information on a spreadsheet! – it keeps me honest in my efforts) Sorting out Mum’s affairs was made so much easier because we used the services of Stuart Fantham...

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How should you end a vibrant exciting team building session?

Posted by on May 16, 2013

There can only be one answer – By throwing two foot long scimitars from ten to fifteen feet away at volunteers! We have been delivering our ‘Facing up to New Challenges’ circus skills session for over fifteen years with great success – please read the testimonial “Maximillion Client Event, Mar 2011”. As “a winner of an activity” this is a very flexible session in a team building day. It can though, when needed be much more than an activity. We take great pride in being able to seamlessly deliver powerful messages about how working together improves performance and...

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