Motivational team building for GP surgeries after lock down

Posted by on Mar 2, 2021

Whilst the government has announced there will be changes within the NHS and no doubt these will have an impact upon GP surgeries, I should imagine there are more pressing issues for surgeries to address immediately after lock down. Practice Managers will want to review this whole period and assess what will be required in the “new normal” and want answers to questions such as:- • As a surgery how well did we cope? What could we have improved upon? • Of the many changes to our working practices what would we like to keep, perhaps tweak or indeed discard altogether? • How...

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Away Days for GP surgeries after the Covid 19 pandemic

Posted by on Jul 7, 2020

Following the Covid 19 pandemic we believe that GP surgeries now more than ever need to take time out of their busy schedule to review what has happened and how this will impact upon the way forward for their Practice. In our unique “Have Your Say” session the whole team (Clinical Administrative and Reception) are placed in different teams throughout the day and their opinions/views asked for. Accordingly we have adapted our questions to reflect this new changed environment. As a surgery how well did we cope? What could we have improved upon? What did you find the most difficult thing to...

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How can we stay positive during the Covid 19 lock down?

Posted by on Apr 3, 2020

As you can imagine there aren’t very many good scenarios around at the moment so this is a valid issue to address. To take my own situation as an example. One of the first challenges for me, was that by the second week of March all of my work for March April and May was postponed. This situation was made worse, because as a director in my own company and no longer receiving a salary (I am over 65 and so receive my state pension) I am unable to benefit from any of the government’s schemes which means I am having to finance this period of business inactivity by using savings, for...

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They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks

Posted by on Jul 11, 2019

Last week I went to a wedding of a friend – Mark and I have known each other for over twenty five years and keep in touch every now and then, so it was fantastic to catch up with him and also with so many others from the past. We used to attend the same circus skills workshop and along with another friend, Mike we formed a circus act called “The Flying Frick Circus Company” which we performed at local fetes and events. Mike had flown in with Paivi his wife, from Jordan to be there and it was so good to catch up face to face rather than on Skype or Messenger. The rapport was still there...

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How do I organise a team building away day for our surgery?

Posted by on Jul 19, 2018

Before making any arrangements, there are some questions that need answering such as “What are the reasons we are doing this”. Is it something that is done every year and is therefore expected by the staff? Are there specific issues that need to be discussed? Is this something to lift morale within the surgery? Equally important to ask is “What are our desired outcomes and how are we going to measure them” The answer to these questions will most likely depend upon the type of intervention you choose. For example a meal out for the team or say a trip to a local ten pin bowling club...

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How important is the venue to a team building away day?

Posted by on Jun 10, 2016

For most organisations the price of the venue or the day delegate rate will be the biggest cost to the day, so getting the venue right is very important. Probably the more important question to be asked is, “How much value will the choice of venue add to the overall experience” or “Will the venue enhance the opportunity to deliver on our required outcomes”. Over the seventeen years we have been delivering our unique motivational away days for clients, we have had some interesting experiences in respect to the venue selected by the client. When asked, we prefer a well lit room clear of...

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