Team Building For GP Practices

All teams can improve their output by getting together and communicating in a friendly environment.  There are also times when defined goals with specific outcomes are needed – and that’s where we come in.

Working with you to clarify what you want achieve, we identify three work groups (often Clinical, Administrative and Reception) who will all have the opportunity to work together and apart during the day.

Three sessions are used in the day, built around your needs, with options including:

  • Rediscovering Potential – an enjoyable session providing an opportunity to overcome self-limiting beliefs
  • Having Your Say – discussions in work groups to identify issues that effect how the groups communicate & work together
  • Facing Up To New Challenges – an action-packed session to examine how approach and attitude affects performance
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What are the costs likely to be?

We are committed to working within the NHS so we have developed a strategy that means we allocate a set number of days a year at a special rate. It is also very important for us to be transparent in our dealings with all our clients and so we make the following guarantees when working with a GP practice.

  • Provided there are less than thirty participants, we will charge a fee of £500 + VAT for a half/whole away day.
  • Both Lynn and I will facilitate your away day
  • We are well used to working nationally and even though HMRC travel rates are £0.45 per mile, when working with surgeries we will only charge £0.25 per mile
  • When an overnight stay is required we will only charge you a maximum of £60 (double room) for our overnight stay
  • We will ask you to make your own arrangements regarding an external venue so that there are no added commission costs

In the spirit of transparency, we provide this information up front to make it easier for you to calculate the cost of your away day.
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What actually happens on a team building away day?

On your team building away day the first session, “Rediscovering Potential” is crucial to the success of your day. Not only has this session got to deliver powerful messages about how working together as a united team improves performance but it also has to set the tone for the day.

We use a method based on art and painting to achieve this.  At the start participants mark themselves on how well they think they reach the required standard. On completion they mark their finished work – these scores are always higher than their original estimate.

At the start of this session there are often those who are initially sceptical and resistant to doing this exercise. What we find though is that after about ten minutes everybody is engaged. We encourage delegates to comment on the progress of each other’s paintings and hold up their pictures for them to view and make positive comments on.

Each team of four now have the opportunity to create the same painting again but with their experience they are now expected to exceed their previous finished score.

The twist is though, that after completing the first technique they have to pass their painting to the person on their left to complete the next technique. We encourage the team members to coach each other so that the best possible result is achieved on each of the participants paintings.

Unusual, with powerful personal learning, it gets people thinking about working together as a team to improve previous results.

Here are some more examples of the atmosphere and interaction you can expect when working with us:


If you like the sound of this and want to know more, you can get in contact with us, we will ring you back as soon as we can.
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So will this team building day sort out all the issues we have?

Wouldn’t that be great, but unfortunately, no… What does happen though, is that solutions to some issues will be found and more importantly, they will have been reached in an open, transparent way by team members.

We have a really great meeting room at our location which we have used in the past, will that be ok to use for this type of team building day?

We would say, take people away from their every day location, but keep it local. There will be those who are always resistant to these sort of days, you know who they are! (Please don’t identify them to us – we want to be unbiased in our report back to you and comment only on behaviour we have observed on the day). By keeping things local there is less argument not to attend.

Isn’t an external venue going to cost yet more money?

Yes, but there are ways to reduce that cost. When we were involved with a General Practice in Bristol they found a local centre who provided the room, buffet lunch, teas coffees etc at a very reasonable all in one price.