How important is the venue to a team building away day?

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For most organisations the price of the venue or the day delegate rate will be the biggest cost to the day, so getting the venue right is very important.
Probably the more important question to be asked is, “How much value will the choice of venue add to the overall experience” or “Will the venue enhance the opportunity to deliver on our required outcomes”.

Over the seventeen years we have been delivering our unique motivational away days for clients, we have had some interesting experiences in respect to the venue selected by the client.
When asked, we prefer a well lit room clear of obstacles which is well ventilated or climate controlled in which we are able to make a bit of noise – we do encourage people to acknowledge each others successes in a vocal manner!

I remember one occasion when we were booked into an airless subterranean vault with no windows and concrete pillars evenly spaced throughout the room! Of course being professionals we made it work and everyone had a good time, but it certainly wasn’t the best setting for inspirational thinking.

Another occasion the client booked the team into what appeared at first sight to be a fantastic setting, an atmospheric Victorian museum. Then the reality hit us – we were having to teach circus skills surrounded by priceless artefacts and over our heads was a wonderful rare two hundred year old chandelier.
There was though, a hugely comic moment when as the light began to fade and we requested some additional lighting and we were presented with two standard lamps! Fortunately we were able to speed things up so nothing was broken.

I suppose one of the “most esteemed” venues was a team building session we delivered for HM Treasury. We delivered a two hour ‘Facing challenges’ circus skills session in the official office of the then Chancellor of Exchequer, Gordon Brown whilst he was away on business!

Something to consider is the impact the supposedly small details can have to the overall impression of the day.
I was talking with someone recently who was on a team building away day several years ago. They still talk with great passion about the poor quality of the sandwiches that were on offer!

So get it right and
The friendly welcoming staff of the venue can create the perfect start to the day
The complimentary tea and coffee facilities gives a generous feel
The well designed light airy room can inspire

And most importantly you have created an environment in which your outcomes from the team building away day can be achieved.

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