How much does an away day for a GP surgery cost?

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This is a much easier question to answer than the previous blog because there are more known factors.

When working with GP surgeries numbers tend to be less than thirty which of course impacts upon what we know will charge.
Another know factor is what we deliver during the half/whole day. We have developed a programme that has worked incredibly well and therefore most of the design work has already been done. Around this basic format it is quite easy for us to tailor a half/whole day for a surgery.

Another factor is that we are committed to working within the NHS and have developed a strategy that means we will allocate a set number of days a year at a special rate. It is also very important for us to be transparent in our dealings with all our clients and we therefore can make the following guarantees when working with a GP practice.

 Provided there are less than thirty participants, we will charge a fee of £500 + VAT for a half/whole away day.
 Both Lynn and I will facilitate your away day
 We are well used to working nationally and even though HMRC travel rates are £0.45 per mile, when working with surgeries we will only charge £0.25 per mile
 When an overnight stay is required we will only charge you a maximum of £60 (double room) for our overnight stay
 We will ask you to make your own arrangements regarding an external venue so that there are no added commission costs

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