Review of 2014 and the value of writing blogs

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2014 was a year of downs and ups!

In January my mother, aged 94, passed away peaceably in circumstances just as she would have liked.
I am very proud that, as well as managing Mum’s affairs, probate, executor of her will, house clearing and sale of the house I was still able to make over 1000 phone calls to business’s and send over 500 personally written emails throughout the year. (Yes I really do log this information on a spreadsheet! – it keeps me honest in my efforts)

Sorting out Mum’s affairs was made so much easier because we used the services of Stuart Fantham – a very personal and jargon free approach

Business was slow during the first two quarters of 2014 but then dramatically picked up with three separate trips to Scotland delivering our unique ‘Facing Challenges’ circus skills session followed by a local away day for a hundred people from within the NHS. All really fun projects that delivered just what the client wanted.

Another away day we delivered was for someone that we first did business with over fifteen years ago but had lost contact with. Upon renewing our business relationship (through Linkedin) we were booked in to deliver our away day for a team of global HR managers, flying in from around Europe and even California!
You can read what Jane said on our testimonial page.

It wasn’t until looking back over last year that I realised I didn’t post a single blog in 2014, despite the continual encouragement from Matt my brilliant website designer to do so.
Recently I was talking to someone I hadn’t spoken to for a long time and the following conversation took place

“Really like the website, fantastic, ……. I wasn’t sure though if you were still in business”
“How do you mean”
“Well, there wasn’t anything recent on there, it just seemed as if you had stopped doing what you do”

As is the way of the world it wasn’t until that moment that I fully understood what Matt had been saying all those months!
From now on I will be posting blogs on a regular basis, as we are indeed still very much doing what we do, and still with great success.

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