Identifying and acknowledging excellence

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One of the fantastic benefits (or should that be privilege) of running a team building session is being able to identify and acknowledge excellence. Of course we design a session so that there many such opportunities but such examples are harder to find in everyday life, so when we come across an example of excellence, we believe it is worth talking about.
Such an opportunity occurred last week.

I am in the fortunate position that I drive the car of my dreams, a 1982 Ford Granada 2.8 Ghia X
In it’s day this car was the top of Ford’s range and even today still has a level of comfort and luxury not seen in a lot of modern cars – electrically adjustable seats, powered sunroof, heated seats, electrically adjustable and heated side mirrors etc etc

Last week I identified that the front pipe on the exhaust was starting to blow (it was the original unit, 189,000 miles old!). I spoke to Darren the manager at Kwik Fit Aylesbury, and whilst on the phone he contacted his supplier and was told this part would be a 24 hour delivery. I drove my car to the centre – by now it was sounding more like a cross between a tractor and a first world war biplane! but when Darren went to order the part he was told it wouldn’t available until the end of the week and so I agreed I would bring the car in then.

On Friday I phoned up to see if the part had arrived and Andy said they had been let down once again and it hadn’t arrived but would it be possible for me to bring the car down so that they could do a temporary repair. After an hour of activity and the sound of heavy duty hammering Andy showed me what he had done – a brilliant piece of engineering restoring the pipe to near perfect condition. A permanent repair without the need for a new pipe.

Then the moment of truth ……… how much would the time spent on this engineering marvel, set me back. “Nothing, as you have been messed about so much we aren’t going to charge you”. I didn’t have a lot of cash on me, but I had enough so that the team could have a Christmas drink at my expense.

I know where I will I will be taking my car for it’s next MOT, exhaust tyres etc because Darren and Andy know something about delivering an excellent level of service.

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