How should you end a vibrant exciting team building session?

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There can only be one answer – By throwing two foot long scimitars from ten to fifteen feet away at volunteers!

We have been delivering our ‘Facing up to New Challenges’ circus skills session for over fifteen years with great success – please read the testimonial “Maximillion Client Event, Mar 2011”.

As “a winner of an activity” this is a very flexible session in a team building day. It can though, when needed be much more than an activity. We take great pride in being able to seamlessly deliver powerful messages about how working together improves performance and about how one’s attitude to facing challenges impacts upon the outcome.

We are not in the business of just talking about such things – we like to face challenges ourselves and understand that people need to see a level of competence from us before committing themselves to facing their own challenges in a session.

We also believe that if we are asking others to take risks then it is only fair that we take risks too. I can honestly say I no longer practice the trick of ‘juggling under the leg’ and my success rate is only one in every five attempts !  The following video clip is one of those occasions where risk taking was rewarded with success.

At the end of our session we ask for volunteers. The aim is to create a safe and controlled environment (in fifteen years we have never had an accident) where those with a more extrovert personality can come to the front and participate in some scimitar throwing and catching exercises.

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