How do I organise a team building away day?

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It would seem it has never been easier. A quick google search using the terms “ team building away days” produces 13,100,000 results in 0.58 seconds.
With so much choice, how can you be sure you are going to achieve the outcomes you want? Why not before you work your way through page one of Google, ask yourself, What is this day all about?

Is it the annual bash for the organisation?
Is it a reward for a team that has done well?
Is it about assembling a new team for a specific project?
Are they the remains of a team after a restructuring programme?

Each of these scenarios require a different type of team building intervention.
Once you have identified some of the desired outcomes and having a better idea of what is required, then it’s time to give some event management companies a call. Before you do though, here are some helpful pieces of information you might want to have to hand.

A date – without a date some event management companies won’t take your enquiry as seriously as you would like. Their problem is, that many venues are unable to give a specific price unless they have a date to work with.
Type of activity – Having identified your outcomes the event management company should be able to advise and even tailor an activity for you.
Number of people – this has impact upon suitability and availability of a venue and enables you to view the price per head
Budget – as you can see from the above the choice is so huge, giving the event management company an idea of what you can spend brings a focus to the enquiry.

By giving some careful thought to your team building away day you can greatly improve the chances of achieving your outcomes.

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