Cold Calling – some more top tips

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As mentioned in a previous blog doing the research is a key element to our success with cold calling. I probably spend as much time researching as I do calling. When I started out, research meant hours spent in the library consulting business directories such as Kelly’s, but the internet has changed all that.

So what is your strategy? What sort of organisations do you want to do business with? What scope is there for repeat business?
I would suggest developing a couple of different strategies, – perhaps a medium term for SMO ‘s and a longer term for the larger organisations?

When working with SMO’s our best success has been when our involvement has been with the managing director. In most cases it is quite easy to find out whom that person is and an exploratory phone call will let you know if you have to go through a PA. Have a plan so that the PA becomes your champion, always remembering that the object is to build relationships on the phone so that you can speak personally with the decision maker about the opportunity you have identified through your research.

When it comes to working with larger organisations it is often completely different. Your best effort at establishing a personal relationship is met with, “ please send an email to info@” You are left wondering how many emails that address receives every day and you could be forgiven for thinking “I could just have “spammed” them anyway”.

Don’t give up! It’s now time for more research.

For me it is about finding out, which department we need to work with? Who is the head of that department? Is it the learning and development team? The HR department? The training team? Talent development team? Is there a PA? Do they have a direct dial number? When would be the best time to call?
Some of my best results have been when the receptionist has done that bit extra because they understood our problem.

Don’t be surprised when you are put through to the person you need to speak to and all you ever get is voicemail, after all they do have a day job to do, and your obviously fantastic product or service isn’t really on the radar.
Sometimes there is scope to build relationships with people within the department always remembering the impression you want to give.

I believe research is vitally important to cold calling success, at the end of the day it is about being professional.

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