Cold Calling – another top tip

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I expect we have all been cold called by someone who didn’t worry too much about getting our name right before launching into their prepared speil. What sort of impression are we left with? Is that inattention to such an important detail an indication of how good any after sales service will be?

For me the starting point of effective cold calling is all about being organised and making use of a carefully managed database.

I believe in keeping great records and before every call I have a read through which not only refreshes the mind but also gives a focus to the call. Is it a call to keep in touch? Is it to explain more about a product or service? Is it a follow up call to a sent email? Is to arrange a meeting?

After each call I update the clients file (I use an Access database, I have designed for my specific use) and have a field entitled “action”. I have always recognised that following through with the required action is a must. Send that email. Adjust the filter to call again in the appropriate month. Mark as “not active” if necessary.

Not to do so can create a poor impression.
An example – my mobile service provider recently called me and as I was in the process of evaluating which package would suit me best, I asked them to call me in a month’s time.
Guess what? Two days later I got another call from a different person in the same department with the same opening speil.
When I spoke to the manager he said “He would do anything for a joined up database”
All this from a well known national company.

So why not impress your potential client with your great organisational skills and let them know that you like to stay on top of things and they are in safe hands.

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