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At the end of the working day in mid October we received this email.
“I am organising a company away day (15 people) at Whipsnade Zoo on 1st Nov. Am looking for a motivational slot. Are you able to help and if so at what cost?”

We were able to get back to our client first thing next morning with the idea of using our ‘Facing up to New Challenges’ circus skills session to start their day. Not only was this seen as a perfect fit but Sandra also commented on also how quickly we responded and how good it felt to keep things local.

On the first, we arrived nice and early, chatted with the delegates beforehand and looked forward to delivering an exciting and informative learning experience for them. The photo demonstrates the focus and concentration required to keep the flower stick suspended in the air and how enjoying the moment is key to successful learning.

That evening Sandra emailed us “Just wanted to say a big thank you again for your input today. It certainly set the scene for an away day that literally flew by in every sense of the word! Have only had brilliant feedback!”

Within a couple of days we were able to provide a report, which included comments such as:-
“From our initial meetings (with your people) Lynn and I both agreed they came across as very friendly upbeat and positive”
“…..most importantly though was the way in which they supported each other whilst facing some very strange challenges. For us evidence of a strong team”

PS The conference facilities are Whipsnade Zoo are very impressive and would recommend them.

Staying focused

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