Tips on reducing the cost of your team building away day

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Doing it yourself.

We would always recommend taking the team away from their every day work environment but do you need to spend a lot of money on a hotel type setting? Can you make your own arrangements locally?

Do you really need tea and coffee biscuits etc three times during the day. We have found this is to be an additional cost of about £7.50 per person per day. Can you secure an all inclusive deal in a negotiated day delegate rate?

Start your team building day after your people have made their usual arrangements for lunch. Don’t however under estimate the ‘feel good factor’ of providing lunch. We used to run an “open day” to showcase how we do things and we found a great way to start, was the offer of a “free buffet lunch”

Bringing in the professionals

It is far better to use a single provider, perhaps who can handle everything.
We make our living from delivering brilliant team building sessions not from arranging locations or supplying refreshments, so it is in our interests to ensure you get the best deal so that you are able to experience what we do.

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